13 novembre 2005

[TV] Jerry Seinfeld : Citation


Un petit hommage à l'un des maîtres de la standup comedy avec ce passage qui ouvre le pilote de la série Seinfeld, l'une des sitcoms les plus réussies, souvent imitée, jamais égalée :

You know, why we're here? To be Out, this is Out.. And Out is one of the single most enjoyable experiences of life. People get--you know how people talk about, "We should go out"? This is what they're talking about. This whole thing. We're all out now. No one is home. Not one person here is home! We're all out! There are people tryin' to find us! They don't know where we are! "Did you reach--I can't find him," "Where did he go?" "He didn't tell me where he was going. He must have gone out."

You wanna go out. You get ready. You pick out the clothes, right? You get the shower, get all ready. Get the cash, get your friends, the car, the spot, the reservation. Then you stand around. What do you do: you go, "We gotta be gettin' back."

Once you're out, you wanna get back!

You wanna go to sleep, you wanna get up, you wanna go out again tomorrow, right? Wherever you are in life, it's my feeling: you gotta go.

-- Jerry Seinfeld

Plus de 15 ans déjà...

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