13 novembre 2005

[TV] South Park : Citation


Un passage absolument hilarant de ma série animée préférée, avec en prime une allusion à l'excellent Punch-Drunk Love de Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, Hard Eight), le meilleur film avec Adam Sandler (et de très loin) :

: Watch this: AWESOM-O, given the current trends of the movie-going public can you come up with an idea for a movie that will break a hundred million box office?
Cartman: Um... okay. How about this: [the staffers take pen to paper and anticipate the ideas] Adam Sandler is like, in love with some girl, but then it turns out that the girl is actually a ...golden retriever, or something.
Staffer 2: [thinking over this idea, then write it down] Oh, perfect!
Staffer 3: We'll call it "Puppy Love"!
Staffer 2: Give us another movie idea, AWESOM-O!
Mitch: Yeah yeah!
Staffer 3: Let's hear it!
Mitch: Yeah, we wanna hear it!
Staffer 3: Come on, come on!
Cartman: Okay, how about this: Adam Sandler... inherits like, a billion dollars, but first, he has to, like, become a ...boxer, or something.
Staffer 3: [the producers start writing again] ...Yes, it's flawless!
Mitch: Punch-Drunk Billionaire!

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